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Ultrafiltration Water Purification System

Ultrafiltration Water Purification System

Ultrafiltration water purification systems are similar to the Reverse osmosis systems. Ultrafiltration is also a water purifying system that utilizes a semipermeable membrane to filter contaminated water. This system uses standard home water pressure to push water through the membrane. The semipermeable membrane pore size ranges from 0.005 to 0.1 micron, which means particles, bacteria and viruses cannot pass through, only fresh water and dissolved minerals. Ultrafiltration purifiers make use of a 0.05-micron carbon block pre-filter that reduces taste and odor, chlorine, lead cysts, etc.
Ultrafiltration filtration systems are capable of reducing contaminants such as Algae, pesticides, mercury, lead, benzene, chloride, copper, rust, cysts, viruses, etc.
UF systems do not require electricity for the purification process; this is exceptionally beneficial to parts of the world like best water purifier in india is available to avoid bad water and power outages.

Advantages of the Ultrafiltration Water Purifier
• No electricity is required for this setup. The UF filters work with regular pipe water pressure, thus no need for power for more pressure.
• This system kills and removes pollutants and contaminants from drinking water, and flushes them down the drain.
• This system can purify muddy water unlike the Ultraviolet system which cannot.
• The UF system is easy to operate and also easy to maintain.
• During the filtration process, essential minerals are not lost.
• Unlike the reverse osmosis system, this system does not generate waste water.
• It requires no chemical for the purification process. Thus the purified water has no taste.
• They are relatively cheaper compared to other purification systems available.
• These systems are generally fail-safe; they don’t break easily and can be relied upon.
• UF systems require very little maintenance cost. Unlike other purification systems, the filters and membrane can be manually flushed to remove trapped germs and impurities.
• They can work for longer and do not require annual maintenance contracts. Nonetheless, maintenance is vital for water purification systems.
• This is an environment-friendly system.

Disadvantages of Ultrafiltration Water Purifier
• The ultrafiltration filtration technology does not remove Total Dissolved Salts from the water.
• This system also does not remove fluoride and heavy metals from the water because of the pore size of the membrane.
The ultrafiltration is a great way to generate pure drinking water for household needs. However, if this system is to be used, the TDS level in the water should be acceptable because this system does not remove TDS. This is a great purifying technology all the same.
The ultrafiltration system is capable of delivering 100% pure, healthy water for household needs if it is combined with the Ultraviolet purifying technology.

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