07 Oct

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Men

A proper hairstyle is paramount to any man. A great hairstyle on a man can work miracles on his look. A man’s hairstyle speaks out loud about his style. It also aids in pulling his look together and whatever outfit he is rocking, his hairstyle helps emphasize it. With that said, there is the need to identify a hairstyle that is best suited for you as a man.


In the search for the right hairstyle, there are two things to identify first: your face shape and your hair texture. Let’s take a look at how these two help to identify the ideal hairstyle:

Hairstyles according to face shape

  • Oval face shapes

If you are the bearer of an oval face, All you have to steer clear of is wearing the hair down on your forehead, as this makes your head look round. Instead, wear it backwards. You can also sharpen the face by aiming to create some angles at the top as well as some volume.

  • Round faces

To this kind, the main aim of their hairstyle is to bring the illusion of height as well as angles. With that said, they should keep the hair short on the side but longer at the top. This helps bring length as well as height to one’s face. An alternative to this is a messy V-cut.

Also, they should strive for a side part as this brings the illusion that one has an angular face. If they desire to have long hair, it is not forbidden though they’d to have to side part it, and layer it so that it contrasts the roundness of their face. However, they should avoid getting buzz cuts as well as bangs as these in most cases, round the faces.

  • Square face shapes

These can pretty much rock any hairstyle, even long hair. The best for them, however, is a classic undercut, a messy look or even a buzz cut. Other looks that they can don include bangs as well as deep side parts.

  • Diamond or triangle face shapes

They’d look good in short hair on the side and more volume in their top haircuts. Buzz cuts also look amazing, bangs as well as side swept hairstyles.

Hairstyles according to hair texture

Wavy hair goes well with most haircuts as this hair texture has movement and volume and can thus be worn long. Thanks to Pomade101 for the source of this information.

Straight hair can look spiky if its thick so wearing it slicked back might not be a good idea unless you use a lot of conditioner on it or using best pomade for thick hair

Thin straight hair takes to a short classic cut.

Curly hair works great with longer hairstyles or as the edgier undercut.

When going to get a haircut, have a photo of the look of the hairstyle you want and this will guide the stylist. Good luck in your search for the right hairstyle!

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