25 Aug

How To Pick The Right Impact Wrench

Don’t go into your nearest hardware store and pick the first impact wrench you see. There are many utilities of an impact wrench but whether or not you can make the most of it will depend on the purposes you have in mind and the type of impact wrench you choose.

Many people would focus only on the cost and perhaps the size. While cost matters and so does size, there are other related attributes as well. From the torque being depended on size to the design being influenced by size and all these attributes having a bearing on the cost, you must focus on all attributes of an impact wrench, as a complete tool.


  • You should begin with the size. Many think, especially those who are just starting out to use an cordless impact drivers, a bigger wrench will generate more torque so it would be better to go big. The truth is, although you would enjoy more torque, it will not really help you in every scenario. You need to pick just the right size. Given your needs, the types of bolts and nuts you would deal with, the exact fixtures or appliances that you may fix, the type of installations you would be attending to will determine the right size. Picking a smaller size is just futile. Picking a larger size may pave the way for cracking or breaking of nuts and bolts, cross threading and other issues when you get down to do the job. It is also unsafe to use an unnecessarily large impact wrench. You don’t need to exert more power than needed.


  • The size you choose will determine the exact positioning of the handle, the overall design, the lever and the fulcrum to speak in the lingo of physics. Smaller impact wrenches will have a drill grip like structure. You may call it a pistol grip. Larger designs will have T or D handle. The torque will also depend on the design and not just on the size.


  • You would come across ½ inch impact wrenches and ¾ inch impact wrenches. The ½ inch wrenches are widely used in automobile shops. The ¾ inch wrenches are for heavy machinery or very large appliances. Make a list of the kind of tools, nuts, bolts, installations and fixtures or appliances you would handle. Pick the size of the impact wrench accordingly. Today, there are many designs available so you can pick a rather cool one. For detailed source, visit wrenchadviser.